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WordCamp NYC 2010 Genius Bar – Call for Volunteers

WordCamp genius bars are a place where you can come to ask questions of other WordPress geeks. Whether you have questions about how to back up your blog, upgrade, find themes, install plugins, or just want to know the best way to get started with WordPress – the genius bar volunteers can help!

This year, the WordPress Genius Bar will be available at WordCamp NYC from Noon to 5 PM on Sunday.

Call for Volunteers

This means it’s time to round up the WordPress geniuses. If you are attending WordCamp NYC 2010 and you are a WordPress expert, you should come join the Genius Bar to help out and answer a few questions! Please post a comment below if you can volunteer.

Instructions for Buying Tickets

We're using a new WordPress plugin for selling tickets, developed pro bono by 9seeds. If you have signed up to be a sponsor or have applied to be a speaker, please do not buy a ticket until you hear from Jane (by Sept 27, honest), as you'll need to use a special code to register if confirmed. If you're not sponsoring/speaking, go ahead and buy a Regular Admission ticket.

If you only buy one ticket, you'll fill in your attendee info right away. If you buy multiple tickets (like for a bunch of people from your company), you'll just fill in the billing info now, and you'll get an email with links for each attendee to go and fill in their own attendee profile (t-shirt size, email address, twitter ID, etc). This is a new system, so if you have trouble purchasing tickets, email jane/wordcamp/org for help.

P.S. The form styling will be fixed in the next plugin update. Beta, baby! :)

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