WordCamp NYC 2010


In the coming week we’ll be filling in more and more details as we confirm featured speakers, unconference time blocks, workshop instructors, etc. For now, if you want to buy a ticket because you know in your heart (as we do) that WordCamp NYC will be awesome this year, here’s the rough schedule format we’re planning. We’ve switched things up a bit from last year based on attendee feedback of what worked and what didn’t, so we think it will have a more relaxed flow.

Friday Saturday 8-6 Sunday 12-5
Afternoon/early evening: volunteers come help set up, bring in donated items etc. 8 – 9am: Registration
Morning: Lightning sessions on variety of WordPress topics, everyone in one big auditorium
We won’t start until noon, so that neither hangovers nor chuch attendance will prevent someone from attending WordCamp.
Evening: casual meet and greet at a local bar to see who’s coming and make some early connections. Afternoon: Regular 30-minute sessions on specific topics in tracks
Evening: Afterparty (similar to last year)
Afternoon: Unconference sessions, genius bar, and maybe a ‘best of’ selection of videos from other WordCamps playing in the auditorium (or something fun)

Saturday Schedule

Blogger Business/Publishing Academic Developer A Developer B
Registration 8-9am
Lightning Sessions 9am-1pm (includes breaks). All speakers will do a lightning session version of their talk. They will do their lightning talks in random order, so that people will get a variety of content, rather than picking and choosing only a few to listen to (that’s what the longer afternoon sessions are for!). If you aren’t interested in one of the lightning presentations, well, it’s only 5 minutes, right?
Lunch 1-2pm
Bare Bones Blogging
Liz Burr
WP for Small Business
Jacqueline Lee DeVito
Boone Gorges
Theming Best Practices
Allan Cole
Performance + Optimization Panel
Matt Martz, Scott Taylor, Matt Dorman
Hidden Gems, Favorite Features
Sheri Bigelow
WP for Cultural Orgs + Non-profits
Amanda McCormick
Digital Signage
Joe Ugoretz, Rich Dikeman
Theme Typography
Sara Cannon
John Ford
WP + Multimedia
Tony Zeoli
Managing WP Projects
Gina Nieves
Vassar Digital Commons
Baynard Bailey
Larry Aronson
Document Your Code
Aaron Jorbin
Using Featured Images
Sara Rosso
WP for News Sites
William P. Davis
Jahn Golden, Ben Guttmann, Steve Guttbinder
From Thesis to Genesis
Chris Cochran
Advanced APIs
Andrew Nacin
Subtitling Video
Dean Jansen
Managing Roles
Steve McNally
Pressible (Columbia)
Eric Buth, Patrick Carey
Advanced JavaScript
Daryl Koopersmith
BuddyPress Theming
Boone Gorges
Better Search
Kenny Katzgrau & John Crepezzi
Using BuddyPress
Matthew Gold
WP vs Traditional Online Courses
Mikhail Gershovich, Joe Ugoretz
Widgetize Everything
Jeremy Clarke
Advanced BuddyPress Components
John James Jacoby, Boone Gorges
Alex Miranda
WordPress in Education, Open Forum BuddyPress Q&A
John James Jacoby, Boone Gorges, Paul Gibbs
Closing Remarks, Sunday Unconference Voting

Sunday Schedule

Stop in at the main registration area to get room numbers for each area.

Main Registration Area – Pick up your t-shirt anytime between 12 and 4pm. Also, as of today we’ll now be selling extras, so if you want to get one for a girlfriend, your kids, or just extra colors for yourself, you can buy additional shirts for $15. Proceeds go to the WordPress Foundation, which is currently raising money to buy professional video kits to send to WordCamps to capture their sessions in high-quality video to post to wordpress.tv for the benefit of the broader community.

Hacker Room – Core developers will be working on patches for WordPress 3.1. If you want to participate, bring your laptop (and evdo card if you have one).

Genius Bar- Experienced WordPress users, developers and consultants will be on hand to help their fellow WordCamp attendees with their WordPress puzzles. May span two rooms, depending on demand.

Hangover Room- If there’s interest, we can use the main room to play videos from WordPress.tv for those who want to come and learn more, but aren’t quite up to human interaction yet. 🙂

Unconference Rooms- Unconference sessions were voted on at the end of Saturday’s WordCamp. The following sessions have been assigned rooms/times. There will be several free rooms available for ad-hoc unconference sessions/birds of a feather discussions, which you can propose at the event on Sunday by writing your topic in one of the blank schedule slots on the posted unconference board in the main registration area. Since people tend to trickle in over the first hour, we’ll officially begin scheduled unconference sessions at 12:30pm. Since there were not that many proposals, scheduled unconference sessions will be finished by around 3:30pm. We have the space at Baruch until 5pm, so people can continue to talk, join the hackers, work on their WordPress sites, etc in the company of their peers. Please help us start closing up shop/cleaning up the spaces we’ve used at around 4:30 or 4:45 so we can get out on time.

12:30pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:30pm
Unconference Room 1 Contributing to WordPress
Andrew Nacin, code; Jane Wells, non-code
BackPress Themes, Present and Future
Daryl Koopersmith
Unconference Room 2 WordPress + Windows
Peter Laudati
Parsing Strange
Hal Stern
Running WP in Large Corporations available
Unconference Room 3 Using WordPress as a CMS Academic Community Student Mentorship Programs
Jane Wells
Unconference Room 4 Incident Preparedness Plugin Competition
Ned Benton
Genesis Theme Framework
Daisy Olsen
RoloPress Contact Manager Plugin
Steve Bruner
Unconference Room 5 available available available available
Unconference Room 6 available available available available

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